Friday, February 24, 2012

day 260: rugby/football subway art

today's creation  thanks to some free subway art from the girls at eighteen25 :)

day 260 and we are in full rugby preparation here today ... we have stocked up on blue foods and treats, got the ingredients for homemade hamburgers, made some team goodie bags, and now we just have to do a little more decorating.  we all support the blues EXCEPT my little worm in the apple barrel ben who supports the crusaders :(  he adores the players in the crusaders team and no amount of coaxing will make him change his mind!

the treats and the treat bags i made and put together today for the start of the season
today's creation helps that as it's a piece of subway art.  unfortunately most of the awesome football subway art i came across on pinterest was for american football, so the sayings on them weren't all totally appropriate for our national code of football, that being rugby union.  i did, however, find this piece of subway art from the girls at eighteen25 that was definitely worth doing and worked for whatever team sport you needed it for.  the original intention of this subway art was as a gift for coaches (such a cool idea), but for today's creation it is also ideal as subway art for the beginning of the rugby season.  even better news is this subway art is also free to download ... yippee~!  the idea is pinned to my autumn comfort board, were all things rugby and crafty can be viewed!

all you need to complete today's creation is a printer and a cheap frame ... that's it, just print and fill the frame!

the cheeeap frame and the freeee subway art ... good economising today, steveeee will be happy ;)
now we are looking more like a home that adores the game of rugby!

outcome: thank goodness today's creation was a simple, timely one as we had plenty going on!  the subway art looks awesome next to the rugby letters i picked up at typo ($20 for the word and heart) .. love that store and they have a super deal on letters at the moment 3 for $10!  well our house is looking much better now and after i have finished this post it will be time to sit down and watch the second half of the rugby .... unfortunately for me the blues are currently behind, needless to say my sweet boy peep is rubbing it in : }
thanks so much to the girls at eighteen25 for another awesome piece of subway art, i think there subway art for all occasions is probably my favourite of everybody's ... have a great weekend you guys :)


Nadine said...

Where did you get your 'Blues' bags?

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

i made them my sweet, printed the logo's off on fabric backed them with felt and used the twenty minute tote pattern to make the bags, the link for the bags is below :)

Jen W. said...

The subway art is cool but those giant Scrabble letters rock my day!

Jenny said...

Love the goody bag ! No doubt who you support to any visitors then! How cool are those giant scrabble tiles :0)
Jenny x