Saturday, February 25, 2012

day 261: brownie trifle with a neapolitan twist

brownie trifle with a neapolitan twist :)
day 261 and we are out to dinner tonight and i wanted to take something new and sweet ... enter brownie trifle.  i love trifle and the thought of making one with brownies was too good to refuse!  this one from positively splendid looked really yummy but i also liked this one from rock recipes with the strawberries.  i pinned both of them to my recipe must do's board and figured i could do a mash up recipe that used elements of both :)

for this recipe i am using:
  • one brownie recipe (see below if you would like this really easy recipe, you can even get the peeps to make this one!)
  • strawberry jam
  • strawberry jelly mix
  • vanilla custard
  • whipped cream
  • blueberries for garnishing
  • chocolate for covering the top 
yeah, that's probably enough ingredients for one trifle!  make the jelly and let it half set.  spread the brownie with a thick layer strawberry jam and then roughly cut into 1-2" pieces. then its a case of layering it together: first the jam covered brownie, then the semi set jelly, then a layer of custard.  then repeat the layers one more time.  finish the trifle off with a layer of whipped cream and decorate with chocolate roughly chopped or grated on top.

the brownie smothered in jam 

half the brownie in the bowl ready for the layering process to begin

layers finished, now for the cream topping followed by blueberries, and roughly grated almond chocolate
the finished trifle ... it was so yummy!
outcome: it was REALLY good!  i enjoyed having a trifle that was different from the usual sponge and fruit one. i was worried it would be really dry with the brownie in it and no fruit but it wasn't thanks to the jelly.  this is definitely something i will make again, especially when you need to take something as a dessert during summer :)

my thanks to the two awesome recipes i mashed together today, the  rock recipes  neapolitan one and the full on chocolate and brownie trifle from positively splendid ...  both awesome looking recipes that inspired my trifle today :)

brownie recipe
melt 6oz of butter.  add 12oz of sugar to the butter and whisk together. add a tsp of vanilla and whisk in.  then add 3 eggs and whisk each one well into the mix before adding the next egg.  then add 5oz flour, 1 tsp of baking powder, 2 oz of cocoa and whisk it all into the batter.  put the batter in a slice tin and bake on 350F for ~ 30-35 minutes.


Jen W. said...

That looks like a bowl full of bliss! Would love to be noshing on a bowl of that right now!

Jenny said...

Brownie instead of sponge cake......! What an awesome way to sneak chocolate into a trifle :0) looks very yummy, I will definitely have to try this one :0)
Jenny x