Saturday, March 10, 2012

day 274: Tipsy Pots


day 274 and steve is still filling in for kirsty.  today i felt the need to get outside, partly because i felt like i had put on 6-8 kilos due to all the baking this week.  browsing through kirstys boards i found a heap of outdoor projects that had my name on them.  this one in particular was repinned from stacey hutson garden ideas board.  it appealed because its both a bit quirky and quite clever.  i also knew that i had most of the materials lying around the property.
ingredients - mostly old, some things new
i did need to purchase a few extra pots, and the few i had needed a quick waterblast.  i used reinforcing rod (D12).  later on i could actually use this rebar like a rasp to make the holes a bit bigger in the smaller pots.
remember - always check for underground cables before ramming steel rod randomly about the garden
four hours later after being discharged from hospital, i proceeded with the test fit.  the end of the bar should be just covered (hidden) with potting mix.  you will see above that i started with a base pot level, but then below its tilted.  i just preferred the look with all pots tilted.
test fit the pots - ram the steel further if necessary
fill with potting mix and plant out
this quirky sculpture fits in well with our unstructured garden
finished product with flowers in full bloom
outcome: this last photo is proof that you just cant trust everything you see on the internet, but this is how i see the final result in my head.  im pretty pleased with the outcome and this is not something i would have thought of doing myself.  it was fun and in my view proves the value of pinterest.
thanks to nine is fine for the idea and easy to follow instructions.


Cath said...

Clever! and I like it. Sure I can find a spot for this in my garden.

Stephanie said...

This is awesome! I haven't commented yet but I've been reading from nearly the beginning. Let me say that you've earned massive hubby points from the US. Not only do your choices rock, but the fact that you want to help your wife continue towards her goal makes you so stinking sweet. Good husbands rock. (And the eggs are just a bonus! Love the one hidden here!)

Keep up the great work!

Jenny said...

Great garden project...definitely had STEVE written all over it :0)
Not sure it's good that the eggs have escaped to the garden!!!
Jenny x

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thanks for the comments..... don't worry too much about the eggs, i have plans for them in the next 365 challenge.

Jen W. said...

Steve, you are a complete nutter!!! Love the funky statue and the eggs running wild. :)
Hugs to Kirsty and Polly!