Thursday, March 15, 2012

day 279: shamrock hand-print art

hi everybody,  just wanted to let you know how grateful and heartfelt i feel reading all the lovely comments and support steve and i have received over the last week where i've been unable to do anything.  i am really dopey with all the pain medication while i wait for the operation, but tomorrow i hope to make a comeback and do the creation for the day! :()
at the start of this 365 project, i said my family had agreed to support me in my efforts and nothing could be truer right now because i need them for everything at the moment! i just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to my sweeter than sweet husband (even though he is obsessed with eggs ... honestly honey, sometimes i wonder how your brain works!) and my awesome peeps for keeping the p365 project going AND for taking such amazing care of me while i can't care for myself ... you guys rock my world and i couldn't have coped without you :)    as for my awesome blog friends and followers, thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support me .... your comments have spurred steve on ... the other night i saw him checking the new comments at 3am in the morning while he was giving me some medication!  we wouldn't have carried on without the amazing support we have been given over the last week, so a big hug of thanks to all of you :)

ok, over to steve and the peeps for today's creation :)

thank you only comment is that calling yourself 'really dopey' is a bit harsh!
day 279 and day 9 with steve.  tomorrow is st patricks day and there has been a particular paddy's day themed craft the kids have been itching to do.  this shamrock handprint art was inspired by shelly buck's pinterest board my handprint art.
ingredients: four kids hands, two 12"x12" canvas boards, green paint and one smart-ass egg
polly loves art and getting her hands dirty!
ben loves art and hates getting his hands dirty
see the little bit of paint on the end of his finger?  that was required for ben to 'test' the paint!
ben really hated this bit
nearly there ben.....
polly had some glitter paint and was desperate to use it, so she added a border
not to be out-done by little sis, ben added one also
outcome:  comparing our efforts with the original hand-print art, my kids either have grotesquely massive hands for their age or we should have used 16"x16" canvas boards.  i suspect (and hope) the latter.  the important thing is the kids loved the exercise, including ben even though polly and i spent five minutes chasing him around the property trying to convince him to paint with his hands!
regarding my allegged obsession with eggs, i have apparently passed this onto my first-born as he was responsible for todays guest appearance!


Kara said...

So cute! I'm loving all the St. Patty's Day crafts I'm seeing out there!

Stephanie said...

Way to keep the egg in the picture! Great craft. :)

Feel better, Kirsty!

Jen W. said...

I'm with Ben - I like crafts but paint all over my hands is a bit more than I can handle! The final outcome was worth it though and I love the added touch of the borders!

Jenny said...

hmmm I'm with Ben and Jen on this one too (hey I'm a poet...who knew!) not keen on mess on my hands but feet.... that's a different matter altogether...go figure!
The shamrocks are brilliant and so good to hear from Kirsty....hold in there girl, you're being well looked after :0)
Is it Mothering Sunday there this weekend? Certainly one for you to remember if it is!
Jenny x