Monday, April 2, 2012

day 296: homemade brownie mix

perfect party favour for an easter lunch!
day 296 and we are making another homemade mix today.  my mum has a shared lunch at work on wednesday and it has the colour brown for a theme.  mum has to bring something sweet to share for lunch that has either the word brown in the title or is the color brown ... not surprisingly she is taking brownie, but i thought she could go one better and also take a little favour for her workmates in the form of brownie mixes for them to take home as well  :)

i have this homemade brownie mix recipe from heart, hands, home blog pinned to my recipe must do's board on pinterest, which looks delicious.  the heart, hands, home blog has a HUGE amount of homemade mixes for all different types of goodies, including breads, sweets, spice combos, and tortillas among MANY others ... it is literally a haven of all homemade goodness for the kitchen~!

you will need lots of sugar, flour, cocoa powder, salt, and baking powder as you are making enough mix for at least 4-5 brownies or two sheet cakes.  i am going to also add chocolate chips to the mix (two cups) for a bit of substance :)

the six ingredients :)

whisk together

put the mix into jars or containers for storing or gifting

outcome:  this makes a lot of mix! it is perfect for gifting though as the instructions are VERY similar to a betty crocker mix, add vanilla, eggs, and oil ... mix ... bake :)  hoping they will all like the favour and i am going to make some up for my littlest sister who is at varsity and is learning to bake to save money!  this should help her baking forays!

my sincere thanks to heart, hands, home for this wonderful mix recipe and for all the others on your site i am sure to use in the near future!


Jen W. said...

Brilliant party favour idea! Although I might have to be forced to give it away...

Kara said...

Oh yum! And in the jar would just make it such a great idea for a gift! I must try it.

Jenny said...

These make great gifts Kirsty...simple and yummy too :0)
Jenny x