Friday, April 6, 2012

day 300: easter bunnies

warmest of wishes for your good friday.  if you are travelling, safe wishes for your easter adventures wherever they may take you :)

hoppy easter everyone ;)

day 300, WOW!  it's good friday and i have thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with family and good friends.  i wanted to sit at my sewing machine today, i have had sewing withdrawal.  it was going to have to be limited but i wanted to make the effort and i found the perfect idea on pinterest from the little fabric blog.  these are the cutest, no fuss, no need to be perfect, easter bunnies.  i loved them, they require little skill as they are designed to be easy and when it comes to sewing that's exactly what i need because these bunnies have no straight lines.  these bunnies are pinned to my easter in autumn board on pinterest.

angie at the little fabric blog even provides you with a template for the littlest bunny. so there are no excuses for not making these little guys if you have scissors, sewing machine, and fabric.  i don't have pinking shears so i went with your standard straight edge finish, if they fray so be it, i will just make more :)

trace around the provided bunny pattern

cut around and sew around the edges leaving an opening for the stuffing

sew across the bottom once stuffed and then they are ready for embellishing
the finished bunny ... so cute :)

the tutorial is really well explained with pictures and text, however, it does come with a warning ... these little bunnies multiple as they are addictive to make, or words to that effect!  i decided i would be three, and before i knew it i had cut out five .. so i made five .... today.

my little family that will continue to grow :)

outcome:  tomorrow ... i will make more, i WANT baskets filled with them ... THEY ARE CUTE and it doesn't matter that they all come for the same pattern, they ALL have personalities ... you can't help but want to make more of them.  lucky for you and i they are easy to make, rewarding to do, and require limited sewing skill ... as i said, there are no excuses for not making these little guys.

the biggest thanks goes to angie at the little fabric blog for providing this tutorial free of charge to all sewing crafters.  it is an excellent tutorial with a great template and i have to thank her for providing me with yet a new addictive to add to the many i have succumbed to on p365 ... along with chalkboard paint, this is one of my favourite addictions though ;)

tomorrow we are going bermuda style for easter ;)


Jenny said...

Well you know what they say about rabbits !!!!! Just hope they don't team up with the eggs or they'll take over your house :0)
Seriously they are so cute and definitely have lots of personality :0)
Jenny x

Looking forward to tomorrow ;0)

Jen W. said...

They are adorable! I think even I could manage to make one of those. :) You always have the best fabric too - love the owls in the trees. :) And Jenny's right - keep them away from the eggs!!

Can't wait for tomorrow's post! :)

nancy said...

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