Saturday, April 7, 2012

day 301: bunny napkins

the bunny napkin  :)  sorry about the poor quality photos i was trying to use steve's ipod seems as he stole the camera again tonight :o) 
day 301 and the one day you want wind on your holiday, it gets up and disappears :(  one of the sweetest bloggers and most amazing cardmaker's i know sent a gorgeous bermuda care package to my family and i.  jen lives in bermuda with luis (her sweetheart) and two of the most gorgeous, BIGGEST, funniest dogs i know, jem and atticus.

as part of the bermuda care package,  jen sent over a book about kite making for the peeps.  in bermuda it is tradition to make and fly kites on good friday, attaching a prayer to the bottom of the kite.  jen and luis are VERY busy painting this weekend, so the peeps wanted to make kites today and fly them as it's good friday (bermuda time) today so we could send some good wishes for the year ahead for jen and her family ... hence our need for wind today.  so of course we woke up to the calmest day we have had in weeks, i kid you not.  the peeps were so disappointed as we had a full day of bermuda goodness to partake in (including recipes from the calendar jen sent over).  rather than do a bit here and there we decided to postpone our bermuda festivities until easter monday and invite some of their friends over to join in the kite making and enjoy some authentic bermuda cuisine ... that seemed to sooth their grumpiness ... slightly.

instead today i thought i would make bunny napkins for our easter lunch tomorrow.  i have never made anything with a napkin, so i figured this would test my folding skills for all to see ... they just look so cute, i figured it was something that had to be given a go!  the idea is pinned to my easter in autumn board on pinterest and the instructions come from taste of home.

my dad and elaine (i hate the word step mum and she is lovely and doesn't deserve such a horrid name) gave me the most beautiful linen napkins and tablecloth for christmas that are going to be given there maiden voyage tomorrow for easter lunch.  after looking at the instructions and folding up a bunny that looked more a kin to a ball than a bunny i went searching for more comprehensive instructions ... apparently i need pictures AND words for comprehension to set in :o/  luckily i found brilliant instructions at good housekeeping and within 20 minutes i was done, ironing included ... for those that know me well, yes i said i IRONED today ;)

ok, i took this photo because my napkins weren't exactly square so didn't look like the photo  in the instructions, but i wanted to show it doesn't matter if they end up looking like this as they still turn out :) 
my family of bunnies ... bunnies are literally multiplying around my house after yesterday and today!

outcome: after the failed attempts using the taste of home instructions i was totally blown away by how cute these bunny napkins are and how a non-folding guru can actually make them!  definitely use these instructions if you have a limited origami background like me.  i did have to use a paper clip at the back of three of them because the linen was so thick at the back.

its this part that is a bit tough when you bend it round to make the body stand up :)

see the paper clip, well you probably could if i could use an ipod camera :o/
this bunny is paper clipped and you can't tell :)

so if you are going to make these with linen, use a paper clip to bind them together at the back ... you can't see them when they are standing so you are all good.  if you don't want to use a paper clip, maybe go with cotton as i don't think that would be so bulky making the folding in much easier.

my sincere thanks goes to jen who put so much thought and effort into the most gorgeous bermuda card package ... we are all still beaming :)  can't wait for monday when we will make kites regardless of the weather AND make and eat some very delicious sounding foods!  my thanks also goes to taste of home, it was their initial inspiration that lead me to want to do the bunny napkins and if i had more of a folding background i am certain your instructions would be straight forward ... but for those that need more help good housekeeping instructions were awesome and i am very grateful to them for their more detailed advice :)


Jen W. said...

LOL! Oh dear! It's always the way isn't it? We actually almost had too much wind yesterday. Thursday and today it's been blowing a gale but it dropped enough yesterday for kites to go up. We could hear them buzzing outside and could see them all around when we went out for ball playing breaks. Monday will be fun with a whole gang to put kites together. :)

Love your bunnies and the paperclip is a brilliant solution! Have a lovely Easter lunch with the family and hope the ol' bunny delivers plenty of goodies!

Jenny said...

Love how you started the post!!! Who wants wind anyday? then I realised you were talking about the weather! ooops.
Saving the celebrations to Monday sounds a great plan.
The bunny napkins are very cute and too good to use really :0)
Hope you have/had a lovely Easter Sunday and I look forward to seeing some Bermudan culture Monday.
Jenny x