Monday, April 9, 2012

day 303: bermuda style

"Bermuda was one of the earliest tourism hot spots in the Caribbean. Before the jet age, only the rich could afford to visit Bermuda", e.g. they would travel via luxurious ocean liners.
before air travel, bernuda was only reserved for holidays by the rich and famous who went by luxurious cruise liners
print courtesy of the scuttlerfish

day 303 and we are going bermuda style on p365 today, thanks in no small way, to my sweet, sweet blogging friend jen.  we are starting out with some kite making, an easter tradition in bermuda.  good friday is the day children in bermuda fly kites and send their prays and wishes skywards on their kite.  my peeps and their friends are making kites to fly this afternoon, while the p365 part of the day will entail making bermuda codfish cakes to go with our sherry peppers sauce sent over from jen.  i found this bermudian recipe on pinterest from everyone's an original and pinned it to my recipe must do's board.

the peeps mum and dad are very lucky jen sent them this handy dandy kite making book so all the guess work has been taken out of this undertaking, thank goodness!

the kite making center

polly and her kite :)

to go with our fish cakes, we are having fish chowder, ginger beer, fresh salad, and of course bermuda's most famous sauce sherry peppers.  after plenty of research this seems to be a good start for bermudian cuisine!

bermuda's famous sauce :)

bermudian style fish cakes with sherry peppers sauce, REALLY GOOD :)

outcome:  such a cool day, we had the best time with the peeps friends and their families.  the big boys took on the kite making with the peeps while the mums got to relax inside with hot beverages :) the peeps really seemed to like their finished kites.  the only downer was the LACK OF WIND!  yes, again no wind today so the peeps and their kites never got to take off, however they are beautifully decorated easter style, complete with wishes and thanks to jen and luis.  the fish cakes were ALL gone in a big hurry at dinner time, they are really TASTY!  great recipe and something that's relatively easy to make and so delicious.

one day we hope to get over to jen in bermuda to catch up with her and luis in person ... lucky it's not as it used to be and only a holiday for the rich and famous otherwise steve and i would never get to experience the pink sands in person :oD  in the meantime, i must thank  jen  from the bottom of my heart for all the goodies she sent, it was truly incredible and made our easter monday the best i can remember.  my thanks also to the website everyone's an original for their recipe that added to our bermudian dinner :)


Jen W. said...

Yay! Despite the lack of wind I'm glad you guys had a good day and enjoyed the kite-making and fishcakes. :) Polly's kite rocks and I look forward to seeing a pic of it in the air when the wind comes back. :) Love how you all dove in head first into trying all this stuff out. You've made my weekend! :)

Kara said...

What a fun day! That's really too bad about the wind. At least the kids were good sports about it!

Jenny said...

Looks like a fun filled themed day :0)
Boo hoo to no wind again, still the kites are ready for a windy day :0)
Jenny x