Monday, April 16, 2012

day 310: two for one

tonight's keep ingredients :)
day 310 and i was completely indecisive today so we have gone with two creations ... roasted broccoli and skinny strawberry fool, except for the strawberries were replaced with blueberries making it a blueberry fool (if there's such a thing) instead.  both recipes are pinned to my recipe must do's board on pinterest.  the roast broccoli recipe comes from the barfoot contessa courtesy of the amateur gourmet's website.  the skinny strawberry fool recipe is from skinny taste ... if you are doing weight watchers, or any diet really, this website is AMAZING!  so pleased to have found it given i am just starting weight watchers.

i followed the recipe of the roasted broccoli to the letter.  its hard not to when all you do is dust it with salt and pepper, then toss it in oil before slicing several cloves of garlic and tossing them into the oven dish as well.  bake and serve :)

as you can see i used frozen broccoli and it was just fine :)

the roasted broccoli

as for the skinny strawberry blueberry fool, as i said, i used frozen blueberries instead of the fresh strawberries and organic unrefined sugar instead of agave nectar.  my yoghurt did have a strawberry twist to it though as that was all i had on hand at the time :)

stew the fruit with some sweetner and simmer to reduce down

once you have the blueberries cooling from being stewed, fold these two ingredients together

the finished skinny blueberry fool :)

outcome: both are embarrassingly easy to create but trust me you will want to make then bother over and over again.  the broccoli is so good with the garlic which seems to make it slightly sweet and just so scrumptious.  to make it a little more healthier, next time i will try just spraying it with oil olive rather than using several tablespoons!  steve and my mum were sitting there eating the skinny (blueberry) fool and kept saying "this is actually really good" and such like ... i think they were a little sceptical when i pulled out a can of "cream" to put in the dessert, not something i have used often!

my gratitude goes to ina garten for the awesome broccoli recipe, this recipe is even better than having broccoli with cheese sauce ... seriously that good for me!  and i am also incredibly grateful to skinny taste, not just for this delicious recipe but also for all the recipes i use in the coming months :)


Jen W. said...

That broccoli looks fantastic. It's my favourite vegetable - I could eat it every day!

Jenny said...

You had me hooked there, I thought you were going to combine those two ingredients!!!
mmmmmm to both dishes :0)
Jenny x