Tuesday, April 17, 2012

day 311: sports flipbook for home school

the home school PE flipbook
day 311 and we have spent the day organising hockey, going to hockey, purchasing hockey equipment, signing up for hockey ... are you getting how my day went ... yes we are about to head into the winter sports season and my peeps are both playing hockey.  and because i am kind-hearted a sucker i am the manager of both their teams.  it will be a fun season but not just yet ... why you ask? ben played in a hockey camp today and after he had finished he gasped "i am shattered, my legs hurt, my arms ache, and i can't move".  soon after this outburst he had a mental meltdown, went home, ate dinner, and feel asleep.  this had me pondering, well of course i have spent the last six weeks sedentary and guess what, so had they as a product of my back injury.  it was time for not only me to get back into shape but also the peeps clearly.

on the drive home from the hockey i remembered pinning something that might help kick start some fun exercise (sometimes it's really helpful living in the country far from anything as the long drive is a great time for thinking and problem solving but i digress).  pinned to my home school projects board is a PE flipbook from home grown mom.  its a book that has all sorts of PE ideas in it, one for each page so it never gets boring or routine ... just what the peeps and i need.

i have to agree with home grown mom, PE is so important but it's probably the hardest thing to make fun when you home school.  i have a child who would rather read than do anything else, so PE needs to be fun, exciting, and a little whimsical to get him on board.  don't get me wrong he loves swimming, hockey, and home school group kiwisport but aside from those group activities you will not find him riding a bike or running around outside instead he will be reading.

so this PE flipbook definitely has me excited for making our daily PE/exercise more exciting and, therefore, more appealing to my peeps.  i filled a 6x6 photo album with lots of different ideas for PE ranging from an hour (swimming) to half an hour for the more exhausting ideas ;)  the flipbook is full of things the peeps like doing and i intend to ask them for a page number each day and whatever is on that page is what we will do.  the pages easily pop in and out so i can change them around to make sure it really is a mystery what we will do for PE each day.  the activities include swimming, basketball, bike riding at the skate park, frisbee, to name a couple.

the pages easily come out so i can change their order around

have to have a 'your choice' ... it will be like hitting the jackpot for the peeps!

the finished PE flipbook for our home school fitness

outcome: well i'm excited to get started so that's a step in the right direction!  i am sure i will get the peeps on board too and hopefully this simple but awesome idea will provide us with a lift in our fitness, something we clearly all need in this house!

home grown mom has an amazing list of PE ideas for home schoolers (or anyone really) on her blog and lots of different ideas and web resources as well, definitely worth checking out!  and i sincerely thank her for coming up with an idea to put the fun back into our home school fitness ... :)


Jessica (aka Faeanne) said...

I just have to say- I love your blog. I've seen a ton of 365 day blogs and always loved them. But combining it with pinterest- now that's genius! Love it! Keep up the good work!

Jenny said...

I was not top of the class in PE but this does sound fun...playing on the jungle gym equipment at the park cant be bad :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

I need to make one of these for me! I'm totally with Ben - a good book trumps everything else especially things that involve sweating. :)

Maykv6 said...

It would be great if you transfer yourb sports photos into turning page software to create a page flipping flipbook.