Saturday, April 28, 2012

day 322: avocado, potato, and spinach salad

the avocado, potato, and spinach salad ... definitely making this again!
day 322 and i am making a salad tonight for dinner to go with some delicious fresh fish ... yummo!  i found this potato and avocado salad from two spoons, which looked scrumptious.  as i had all the ingredients it was a no brainer for today's creation!  this salad is also pinned to my salad bar board on pinterest.

you need lemon, mustard, baby spinach, potatoes, avocado, and some good oil olive for this salad.  you cube the potatoes and cook until soft. while the potatoes are doing their thing in the pot, you mix together the dressing.  once the dressing is made you chop in the avocado and spinach.  then finally adding in the warm potatoes.  the nice thing about adding in the potatoes warm is they soak up the dressing :)

mixing the dressing, i would use this dressing on plenty of other salads as well, it's really lovely mix with the dijon, lemon, and oil olive.

look at those potatoes soaking up all that goodness!

it went really well with the fish!

outcome: we had it warm and it was really good, everyone bar the peeps who don't like avocado went back for seconds.  it is definitely a salad i would always serve warm instead of cold because all the dressing ends up being absorbed into the potatoes making it so delicious in every bite.  absolutely doing this recipe again!

my thanks to two spoons for the recipe, doubled it is perfect for a family of five/six as a side salad and totally worth making ... it's recipes like this that make me grateful the peeps aren't currently into eating avocados!


Nadine said...


Jen W. said...

Ditto to Nadine! I don't think I liked avocado as a kid but I can't get enough of it now!

Jenny said...

oooo I love avocados too :0) in fact this whole salad looks delicious !!
Jenny x