Sunday, April 29, 2012

day 323: orange and pecan loaf

the finished orange and pecan loaf :)
day 323 and we had an open home for selling our house today so i wanted nice smells wafting about the house as potential buyers wandered around :)  this pecan and orange loaf looked easy and scrummy and even semi healthy!

the recipe comes from and is pinned to my recipe must do's board on pinterest.  i liked that this recipe used lots of whole foods and i replaced the white flour with whole wheat flour to make it even healthier.  as i wanted it fresh out of the oven for the open home, i also decided i wouldn't ice it either.  apart from those amendments i used the recipe as stated on the website.

in one bowl you mix these ingredients

in another bowl you mix these ingredients

then you mix these two bowls together

it then goes into the oven for 45 minutes

out comes a delicious loaf that's really good, so good you will have that second piece :)

outcome:  the smell was beautiful, full of warm orange baking filled the house.  when we returned after the open home, the taste did not disappoint either.  the loaf has a carrot cake texture to it but with oranges and pecans instead of carrots and walnuts!  you even feel healthy as you eat this loaf because it has that yummy wholesome taste about it ... ok i may be dreaming but as i start training on my quest to go from couch (or in my case bed) to 5km tomorrow, i decided i was happy with the second piece i had :)  yes, no wonder the weight i put on while cast thanks to my back is not tumbling off ... i may need to stop with the pinterest recipes until its gone.  don't think that would go down well with the rest of my house mates ;)

my thanks to and it's contributors for providing me yet another wonderful recipe to feed my family and make them thankful i live with them!  have a great finish to your weekends everyone :)


Jenny said...

The smell of baking is a notoriously good way to attract a buyer.... In fact I would be sold by how clean your oven is, I could never take a photo of anything in mine!!! *insert embarrassed face*
The cake looks yummy and sounds super healthy too :0)
Jenny x

P.S when do you find out if the open house was successful?

julie said...

I will make this as soon as I buy some buttermilk. It will have to be tomorrow because no stores are open on Sundays here in Belgium! I have to admit, I do miss the funny eggs your family added to the blog while you were sick!

Jen W. said...

Mmmmm.... I can smell it from here!

Those are some very bland looking eggs there, Kirsty. Steve really set a precedent so you're going to have to tart them up a bit in future!! LOL!