Saturday, May 5, 2012

day 329: felt winter tree

felt winter tree
day 329 and it was a gorgeous autumn day here, blue skies, crisp but lovely and warm in the sun.  it had me thinking about the new season coming and all the christmas themed winter décor i could use for us at this time of the year. these felt cone trees were definitely one of those décor items i wanted to have around for winter :)

the felt trees tutorial is by janice of scissor variations and is also pinned to my winter wonderland board on pinterest.  to complete the project you need a polystyrene cone, felt, a template to trace around for the circles, and some pins.  the tutorial only uses one size of circle, i used two.  the larger 2" circle for the bottom three rows and a 1.5" circle for the top of the cone.  i found about half way up the smaller circles looked and moulded to the cone much easier than the larger ones.  once you have all the circles cut out you layer them like shingles all the way to the top.

what you need

trace the circles then cut inside the line so the pen colour is not on your cut out circle :)

start your shingle arrangement on the cone, using one pin for the centre of each circle

three rows up i changed to the smaller circles
the finished tree, now i just need two more :)

outcome:  really cute, i just need two more cones to have a set of three ... one is just not enough! it was really easy to make, a little time consuming with all the cutting but totally worth it for the finished article.

my thanks to janice of scissor variations for the lovely tutorial.  the trees are stunning and i will be making them in red for christmas too :)


Jen W. said...

They'd be fun in all different colours! You could do one in black and sit it on a round black mat as a witch's hat for Halloween! Need to get you a Cuttlebug or Big Shot for cutting all those circles though...

Jenny said...

The felt circles are so effective and wintery, love how they overlap. Great decoration for christmas time in the northern hemisphere!!
Jenny x