Sunday, May 6, 2012

day 330: diy canvases ... for halloween decor!

the finished halloween canvases!
day 330 and i have wanted to try today's creation for ages but it hasn't happened until today.  there are heaps of tutorials on pinterest for making your own photo/art canvases and they all look like they work wonderfully.  i would love to have more canvases on the wall but they are so expensive to buy so i am really hoping this tutorial from little bit funky works as well as her photo's suggest ... it didn't, our printer loves fabric but it did not like the tissue paper on its own :(  the tissue paper ended up screwed up in the middle of the printer and it took half an hour to unjam the printer!

determined not to give up, i went to another tutorial pinned on my general crafts board to do canvases from sarah's never-ending projects.  she also uses tissue paper but cellotapes it to a piece of standard A4 paper before it goes through the printer.  take two, for today's creation and running tissue paper through the printer ....  IT WORKED!!!

whole the issue was taped to the paper to get it through the printer .. left is the back, right is the front with the tissue attached

it worked! free graphic thanks to the graphic fairy

the next step is to use mod podge to glue the tissue to the canvas.  the idea is that the tissue is thin enough to take on the canvas look and feel once it is dry ... and guess what ... IT DOES!!

ready to see if i can master the next step!

finished and drying home made canvases !

so excited i went about my evening making three canvases in EARLY preparation for halloween :)  now i need my printer to conk out so i can buy a new A3 printer and do lots of large photo canvases, maybe i should put the tissue paper back through by itself a couple more times :)

my sincere thanks to sarah at sarah's never-ending projects for the brilliant tip on taping the tissue to a piece of A4 paper and also to little bit funky for the tutorial that really helped me with the adhering of the tissue to the canvases!  thanks also to the graphics fairy for the awesome, free vintage halloween printables i used on the canvases used to create today's halloween wall art :)


Jen W. said...

Arrrgh!!! Printer nightmare!! Glad you managed to rescue it from the tissue paper disaster - definitely worth the effort as these look really cool!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Wow, what a great project... but no one ever celebrated Halloween in my years in NZ....

Jenny said...

Whoa winter yesterday and Halloween today...thought I'd entered a time warp!!!
These are brilliant and love the idea of the tissue paper on the canvas, must remember not to put it through the printer thou!
Jenny x