Wednesday, May 9, 2012

day 333: skinny crockpot chicken soup

skinny crockpot chicken soup with rice :)
day 333 and it is outside.  the perfect day to get the crockpot out and make something for dinner that will fill the house with wonderful warmth and smells throughout the day!  i found this skinny crockpot chicken soup recipe on pinterest that had me salivating just looking at the pictures.

the recipe comes from carla at lets get cooking and is pinned to my recipe must do's blog.  it could also have been pinned to my weight watchers board on pinterest as carla has kindly worked out the points+ for a cup and a half of this soup as 5 :)  i plan to have home made bread with it, so i may need to add some more ;)

i love a meal like this, you make it in the morning, all you do is throw a list of everyday ingredients at the crockpot, turn to low, and leave it until you are ready to serve dinner.  now that is surely an awesome recipe in anybodies language!  i didn't have any wild rice so substituted some organic brown rice in instead, that was the only change to the recipe i made.

the ingredients and recipe :)

all in the pot, then walk away :)

come home to the smell of a delicious soup that doesn't disappoint!

outcome:  this is going to be such a winter staple, peeps loved it, the adults thought it was awesome, and i felt like i had completely pulled the blanket over everyone's eyes because it was so quick and totally simple to make.  the rice makes it almost creamy without the fat associated with a usual creamy soup.  the crockpot does all the work for you i put bone in chicken thighs and by the time i served it up the chicken was self chopped and the soup was ready to eat instantly that i opened the lid.  the bonus ... there is enough left to feed the family tomorrow night for dinner :oD

my thanks to carla at lets get cooking for this perfect winters recipe.  it is one i am sure i will make again and again over the next couple of months as it's easy, delicious, and i didn't spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen organising it :)


Jen W. said...

Must buy a crock pot....

Jenny said...

I have to be honest here when I say this dish doesn't score too highly in the looks department where I'm concerned but I'm a huge fan of crock pot meals especially in the winter :0)
Bet it tastes fact I reckon I can smell it through the screen!!
Jenny x

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

that's so funny jenny, i didn't even think about the pictures but you are right it actually looks revolting! just as well it tasted so good and it looked better in person ... or maybe we were all so hungry we didn't notice!