Saturday, June 2, 2012

day 357: pallet welcome sign

finally i have used some pallet wood on p365!
day 357 and i figured before the 365 days are up, i should really do something with pallets ... anything really pallets are everywhere on pinterest!  the ideas are endless, signs, bookcases, hanging gardens, headboards, tables, outdoor furniture, there are tons of uses for freebie wooden pallets.  steve, my dear husband, has just finished a cape cod chair out of free pallets ... it cost the sum total of $0 as he even used the carcoal fence paint to finish it off :)  as i am writing this its dark, so i will show you a photo of it tomorrow, it's very cool.  i am rather more technically challenged when it comes to wood and nails so i went for a project that required no building ;o)

i used this tutorial from jaime of that's my letter.  she personalises absolutely everything with names and shows you an awesome trick for how to paint perfect letters on wood every time.  you simply print out the word and then use a ballpoint pen to trace over it with the wood beneath giving you a slight indentation in the wood making it easy to just "colour in"!  given i am using pallet wood, mine is going to be far more rustic than hers so i am excited to see if it woods on rough wood as well.

i went with a welcome sign and decided to put the word doc at 100% to eyeball the size against the wood i was using.  then i printed and traced over the letters onto the wood ... then did some colouring ;)

getting the sizing right

if you look carefully you can see the outline of the traced letters :)

done :)

outcome:  not bad given the wood was so very very rough.  i am totally excited to do this again using something smoother given how cool this outcome was!  it looks really good next to all my white things, a nice contrast to their starkness.  totally recommend doing this as it really does work AND stops any runs escaping the letter you are working on thanks to the little indentation around each letter.

sincere thanks to jaime of that's my letter, have always wondered how to transfer typesetting onto wood without a silhouette machine and now i have the answer :)


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

of course! so clever

Jenny said...

Love the rustic look! Clever way to transfer the letters :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

I like the rough look of the the wood and I really like that sheep!! :)