Tuesday, July 17, 2012

olympics printables and crafts for you and the family

happiness is children learning :)
ok, this list i can vouch for as i have printed, used, made, laminated them all but a couple of them over the last couple of weeks with great success for learning, d├ęcor, and crafty olympic projects.  even if you don't homeschool, i am sure most of these will come in handy if you plan to get on board with the olympics over the next couple of weeks :)  i've put them into categories so it's a little easier to find what you are after!

great learning freebies:

  • study ladder has just made available a download for an olympic learning booklet.  the booklet is 8 pages and is in an A5 format, everything from learning about london, to the history of the olympics, the flag, ideal meals for athletes and more.
  • activity village is always a go to site for me with regards to any celebration sporting or not.  they do crafts, worksheets, colouring pages, printable puzzles, printables of all sorts (bookmarks, flags etc), information for the event, party ideas, and lots more for all sorts of events and celebrations ... the olypmics is no exception and is a fantastic resource regardless of whether you have tots or teens :)
  • passport templates, we have been using a passport and stamping it with a new countries stamp once we have done some learning on a given country.  the peeps have LOVED this and it has been one of their favourite parts to our olympic build up so far ... not to mention they have now gained 20+ passport stamps!
  • homeschool share has fantastic resources to make a lapbook or just to use in conjunction with the learning you are already doing.  we have used numerous printables from this download, the peeps really love the little foldables rather than just a flat worksheet to do their learning in :)
  • this has been a great resource, printables of traditional national dress.  i have used them in conjunction with other material when we have learnt about a specific country.  the peeps are given the printout and then have used the internet to research the traditional dress of the country so they can colour them in appropriately
  • the notebooking fairy provides this awesome worksheet that is a great way to start your learning about a new country ... we have used this extensively!
  • enchanted learning is a great place to go, some are free and some are not so choose carefully, but is totally worth your while browsing their EXTENSIVE collection :)
  • project britain has a fantastic list of resources that includes, websites, worksheets, and information about the games and the host country .. the nice thing with this website is they are also in curriculum subjects.
  • kathy's cluttered mind also has plenty of free printables and craft ideas for the olympics on her freeBEE friday series ... great stuff for all ages, definitely worth checking out and i found HEAPS of resources to use over there.
  • teachers pay teachers do have SOME free resources for the olympics, this one i used with my older peep as an add on and it proved to be a really good learning resource.
  • another freebie at teachers pay teachers is this one from cooperative learning 365 ... polly LOVED this one, and that's an understatement!
  • sparkle box has a fabulous range of printables for the walls ... love them and as you can see below the classroom is looking very festive thanks to their free printables ;)
sparkle box free printables, now adorning our art wall :)

craft ideas:
  • red ted art's blog is full of fabulous craft ideas, everything from making medals, to torches, and wreathes ... over 20 ideas to browse and choose from!
  • this fantastic big ben 3D makable from paper toys is perfect for the slightly older crafters ... it is really detailed and you have the option of printing in colour or black/white for the kids to colour.
  • kates creative space has a tutorial to make your own olympic tees.  this is one we are prepped and ready to go with ... make your own olympic ring t-shirts, how cool is that!  we are doing this as a family next week so i will show you the results then :)
  • again, activity village has crafts for the olympics that will keep you busy until the next ones!  this medal chart of there's i actually made for my sister and sent it over to her with mum a couple of weeks ago.  they are having a mini olympics using the wii super mario olympic games game, such a great idea!
  • this is one i have yet to try but is definitely on my to do list for this weekend, diy olympic rings necklace from remarkably domestic this is a great craft for the older kids and the finished result looks awesome.
  • the kaboose is a bit like, activity village, a must go-to for any event to find crafts, printables, and even yummy recipes!  they have instructions to make everything from swimming goggles, to an olympic torch, to pompoms and more.
well this should keep you going until tomorrow ... at least!  tomorrow we will be talking food, olympics themed food to be exact! 

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Sarah said...

Some great ideas! Just FYI, there's a LOT of controversy in the UK about Sparklebox - it's banned in many schools. Google TES+sparklebox if you're interested.