Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day seventy six: blueberry muffins

the finished blueberry muffins
day seventy six and it was REALLY hard getting out of bed this morning ... oh my, the kids slept until mid morning as jet lag took hold of us all.  luckily for today, we had nothing but laundry and unpacking planned, but for the rest of the week, we have plenty of things we need to get on with.  that said, i decided the kids would need something exciting to have for breakfast tomorrow morning to help entice them from their slumber.

so this evening i am making blueberry muffins for tomorrows breakfast, pinned to my recipe must do's board is a blueberry muffin recipe from the plated life website that claims these are the best ... cool!  i have had many disasters with muffins and i rarely bake them because they never turn out very nice, but the photos on this website and the really clear instructions made me want to try this recipe :)

the ingredients ready to mix together
this is my attempt not to over mix!
again, no heavy machinery required, only a whisk and some bowls ... i tried really hard not to over mix the batter, then launched them into the oven.  these bake at a high temperature for baking and mine still took a full 24 minutes to bake as they are really large (texas size) muffins :)

ready for the oven :)
outcome:  from the moment they started smelling, they were good!  they are really nice and moist inside with almost a crunchy outer layer, which sounds terrible but is so yummy and their was nothing that was dry about them unlike my usual muffin attempts ... actually they were so good i think i will make them for the daffodil day bake sale on friday :)

my biggest thanks goes to pamela at plated life, maybe my nightmare as a muffin maker is over thanks to some very good recipe instructions and an awesome recipe ... i'll dare to dream anyway :)


Rhonda said...

I have not really got into Pinterest much except to join and pin a few things.
But I love your blog concept and that you are doing so many things. looks like fun!

Marie-Anne said...

HAHAHA....So glad to know that you are back home, Kirsty & safely too.
I am laughing at the fact that we have opposite seasons ...
Daffodils in the Northern Hemisphere come around March & for some reason, it is hard to imagine them blossoming in September ! It is still very nice weather here though. Fall weather might be nice until mid-October but we shall see.

Those muffins tempt me a lot. They surely will make a hit at your bake sale! I am about to start a batch of those right now :D How much do you sell them?

Nichole & Dirk said...

Her website doesnt work anymore :( do you still have the recipe?