Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The kids were a bit hard to motivate today given it was the first day back at school and we had had such a relaxing school holidays at home :) Never mind, they still did a lot of great work and we started our new theme for Science - Astronomy, and did our first tramping fitness walk of 3kms.  So while it wasn't the most exciting day the kids have had at school, they still did a lot of work.  The picture today is of the kids at there desk doing their Grammar work.  One of the major teaching resources I use for Grammar are the once a week workbooks from Help Me Learn, which have fantastic education resources they will send anywhere in the world!  We have found them to be prompt with orders and the workbooks I have ordered have ALL been great teaching resources.  Ben has had two weeks without doing any writing and you could tell ... his writing was back to waffling with not sentence structure so it is something we will have to concentrate on this term and really make it something he does without thinkikng about as opposed to the concerted effort he currently has to make to form sentences.  We made great advances last term in this area but it seems without a reminder and after 2 weeks holidays he has reverted back :(  We have made major steps forward with the writing though, in the area of he no longer sees it as a punishment to have to write!  Pollyanna had a reading test today and passed, moving her from Level 11 to Level 12!  She is doing so well with her reading :) 

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