Wednesday, June 15, 2011

day six: thirty days of photo fun

the mini album for the photos :)
day five has dawned and it is time for another p365 challenge.  today's challenge was repinned from the pinterest gallery onto my whimsy board and is from the delightful blog a feathered nest.  i've seen lots of these floating around pinterest, but the pretty graphic design of this one captured my heart!

the modified list for an nz winter!
the original challenge was for the first of june and is from the states so included summer photo's for a couple of the days ... so that it would work for me here and, given this challenge started 15 days ago, i figured i may as well try some of my own graphic design and make my own with the changes required for it being winter in new zealand ...  ok here is todays photo: self portrait ... my favourite, not!

photo for day one of the challenge
Then it occurred to me, what am i to do with 30 photos .... well what does any scrapbooker do with photos for a mini project, she makes a mini book to house them and that's exactly what i did.  its a little 6 x 5 album with mdf cover plates my sweet husband made for me.  i am using bo bunny's gypsy collection of paper with embellies from a number of makers ... all of these things are available at my favourite scrapbook store, :)

goodies to play with, including some of the flowers i made
on day 4 of my p365 challenge :)
so for the next 30 days, not only will you be given a new creation from pinterest, you will also see the daily photo and its little page in the mini album ... you know ... because i don't have enough to do ;)  however,this won't be a master class in scrapbooking by any stretch!

outcome: if this were any other day, i would NEVER take a photo of myself, and that's what i am loving about this challenge i have set myself, i am totally going to places i would never have gone before ... figuratively speaking :) today i took a photo of myself and whipped up a small, very simple mini album, for me that's awesome and therefore, so is day six of the p365 challenge.

thank you goes to a feathered nest blog for providing a wonderful idea and jumping off point for this creative challenge, i really look forward to completing it over the coming month :)

... the carrots are still coming, but not till saturday! tomorrow we will delve into card making!

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