Saturday, June 25, 2011

day sixteen: sewing a peasant top

the finished top in all its redness!
day sixteen and its yucky weather outside so the perfect day to do some sewing! today's inspiration came from my general crafts board, a peasant dress from the gorgeous blog ta da creations ... super cool blog, love the materials she uses.

ok i didn't have enough fabric that could coordinate well enough to make a full on peasant dress, so i made a top version! pollyanna chose the material she wanted from my stash ... hence the red polka dots you see here!  i used a kwik sew pattern to form my measurements and we were away ... did not take too long and whala a top was added to the wardrobe of my youngest!  actually the top was done with enough time to make a pair of boy shorts as well ...

i'd take a photo of them too but the oldest has them on (even though its cold and raining) and won't let me take a picture ... sigh ... next time i ask him to try something on to see if it fits, i'll remember i need to take the photo first!

outcome:  can't wait to pick up some material and make the full on peasant dress ... in the meantime i have a daughter who is very excited to have a new top and a boy that says the new shorts are so comfy he won't take them off ... awesome, productive day i'd say!

thank you so much to ta da creations for the inspiration to sew my children's own clothes ... its inspiring ideas like the peasant dress pinned to my board that make me get up each morning excited to create .... love that feeling :)

photo fun challenge day eleven: silhouette
love her!

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