Wednesday, June 22, 2011

day thirteen: best chocolate chip cookies

nyt's best chocolate chip cookies
day thirteen leads us to the best chocolate chip cookies, well according to the new york times.  that sounded impressive to me so they were definitely worth baking.  the recipe is pinned onto my pinterest recipe must dos and is from the lovely blog of i am mommy.

the recipe makes a huge (fiftyish) amount of cookies, but you'll want that many!  the hardest part of this recipe is letting it rest in the fridge for a day.  i made the mix up yesterday and baked them tonight for dessert.

outcome: they are the best chocolate chip cookie i have ever made, so VERY VERY yummy!  family was devouring them in no time ... see i told you, you would need that many in a batch so the cookies can make it into a tin!

my entire family sends their sincere thanks to i am mommy for putting up this recipe, it is a new favourite in our house for sure!

photo fun challenge day eight: sunrise
man it was cold outside this morning!

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