Thursday, June 23, 2011

day fourteen: miniature weaving for the kids

polly's miniature weave .. she is so proud of it!
day fourteen brings me to one of my favourite boards on pinterest, my home school projects board.  this is where i pin all those things i want to use and that have inspired me with regards to home schooling.  todays craft was teaching the kids how to weave and the pin came from the skip to my lou website, which i can highly recommend having a browse through!
putting the verticals in place
this is my pollyanna learning to weave, i used some cardboard squares that i cut notches in at both ends and we used a thick wool so we could have big bang for effort ... always a good idea when you are teaching little ones something new i find!  and as it was nice thick wool we also went without the needles on these initial weaves which worked really well, no pricked fingers here!
doing the weave!
she did a great job and was so proud of herself, it was really neat to see!

outcome: the kids loved the weaving so much they ended up making multiple squares, ben's are for blankets for his action men when they are out camping and polly is using all of hers in the barbie house ... no surprise there!  something the kids can now do on their own and they love and feel so proud of their new skill .... big thumbs up for weaving here :)

a great deal of thanks goes to the lovely skip to my lou blogger for the excellent tutorial on mini weaving and the cute things you can make with the end results, love the website and this craft :)

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