Wednesday, June 29, 2011

day twenty: apple table candles

the finished product lighting our dinner
day twenty and the weather is COLD! so what better day to make some nice table decorations in the form of apple candles.  these candles are pinned to my seasons board on pinterest and the picture was found on the tumblr are so happy.
just a few bits and pieces for this creation!
the nice thing about this little seasonal craft is it uses everyday things and some $2 shop tea lights ... mine are strawberry scented!
the finished articles waiting for dinner!
once i had finished them i couldn't wait for it to get dark ... they looked so sweet on the table and were a nice little welcome to dinner for everyone when we are all feeling a little blue with the cold winter that has finally arrived :(

outcome: these little beauties are worth the two minutes of effort you need to put in to make them! they added such a nice ambience for a cold winter night and everyone in the family appreciated the effort i had made to make the table look cheery! ... we will definitely be having a candlelit dinner tomorrow night and the apples should be fine as i squeezed lemon juice on them to stop any browning :)

thanks to are so happy for the great find ... well worth the effort!

photo fun challenge day 15: action
pollyanna doing her maths, who needs a calculator when
you have fingers!

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