Monday, August 1, 2011

day fifty three: peanut energy bars

peanut energy bars :)
day fifty three and i am SO excited to see my sister and her family ... only three days to go so its time to start thinking about travelling and packing :)  we are flying the ultimate in cheap airlines, no hospitality, no inflight services, but it does mean we could afford to get to singapore! so i need some good things to take on the flight to entertain and feed my children!

today we are starting with the food because, lets face it, if you don't feed a child for 10 hours it could be a REALLY long flight!  pinned to my recipe must do's board are peanut energy bars from the eating well website that look ideal for travel.  if you have a peanut allergy and can't use this recipe there are so many wonderful recipes on this site for healthy eating you will find something to satisfy you i am sure!

the dried ingredients
this is one of those wonderful one bowl wonder recipes too!  i did actually use a small pot as well, the microwave and i have a love/hate relationship so i melted the sugar, honey, and peanut butter on the stove (just make sure if you do use the stove to stir it continuously and have the heat at medium high).  i made a couple of changes to the recipe for personal choice and because of what was in the cupboard :) i used two cups of dried cranberries instead of the raisins because we love them, unfortunately didn't have any wheat germ or sunflower seeds so i used chopped roasted almonds instead.  i also used honey because, well, our bees make fantastic honey in nz so it seemed like a top idea :)

the cooling slab of energy!
outcome:  oh so delicious :)  actually my mum and husband declared they were better than the lemon and blueberry bars that were demolished yesterday .. my kids however disagreed and said the lemon blueberry bars were more delicious ... so i suggest everybody go and make both and then you can decide yourselves!  the energy bars are totally delicious and i have wrapped the rest, ready for our munchies on the plane :)

thanks so much to the eating well website for an awesome recipe, i don't need to buy muesli bars any more ... your recipes are fantastic and its good to know they are healthy too :)


Mal said...

Great idea for a travel food item! Hope you have a great trip

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thank you ... i am really looking forward to relaxing with family and even fitting in a daily pinterest creation :)