Monday, July 4, 2011

day twenty five: crockpot beef stroganoff

beef stroganoff ... so very very good for a cold night!
day twenty five and we had a really busy day today! benjamin, my cute son, had two art workshops today at Lopdell House Art Gallery, one making recycled paper, the other making traditional maori fish hooks out of clay that can then be fired ... oh how i wish i was a kid again!  the gallery is a long way from our home and he has a two hour lunch break so pollyanna and had to stay in the area for the day and do her studies at the local titirangi library.  so it was an ideal day to fire up the crockpot again for dinner.

todays beef stroganoff was repinned from the gallery onto my recipe must do's and originated from the blog the well-fed newlyweds ... nice blog, with plenty of wonderful recipes i am sure are worth making!
ready to turn on first thing this morning :)
first thing this morning i diced the blade steak i got out and added the first part of the ingredients (worchestershire sauce, ketchup, pepper, onion, garlic), put the cooker on slow and left it to do its thing for 7 hours .... love that so VERY much!
ben's hockey game, he is the right most player in royal blue :)
outcome: hilarious! after a freezing night out watching ben's hockey we came back and added the sour cream to the stroganoff and it was SO VERY good that i ALMOST forgot to take a photo ... actually by the time i remembered the photo ben and steve were on seconds and the crockpot was empty ... so my top photo of the stroganoff is steve's plate of seconds ... !

the well-fed newlyweds thank you so much for the most wonderful winter warmer of a crockpot recipe ... it was so good we are having it again tomorrow night!

photo fun challenge day 20: water
ben making recycled paper ... he is sponging the excess water
off before taking the mesh off the paper pulp

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