Tuesday, July 5, 2011

day twenty six: story map for the classroom

the finished story map poster
day twenty six and it was a busy day for schooling today ... a cultural day of extremes! today we had a full day's field trip, the morning was spent at the opera 'i pagliacci' (send in the clowns, which was awesome and we all loved), then we picked up my youngest sister Kate and went to see cars 2, which was also very good! see what i mean about a real contrast!

today i was inspired to start creating things for the third term of our schooling (primary schools in new zealand begin their school holidays at the end of next week), we have two weeks left of our current themes before we change into some new themes for the new term. story telling is going to be a major writing focus for my two peeps next term so the story map poster i repinned onto my home school projects was the perfect thing to create for the classroom.  the poster originated from growing kinders.  this is a lovely website mainly for kindergarten kids but i felt i could adapt if for use with ben and polly.  
the goodies i collected to put the poster
together :)
the original use of the story map was for children to piece the story back together after a story had been read aloud to them. mine are a bit old for that type of use, but i loved the philosophy behind the idea so much i made a plan for how i could use mine in a totally different way :) i am going to get the kids to use post it notes to structure their story before they start writing so they have almost an outline of what they want to achieve from their writing. i hope it will work for them like a roadmap.  hopefully this will work in a similar way also as a mind map but with a little more guidance to help them understand the parts of story writing that are important to know before you begin to write your next masterpiece!
the suggestions to help with the kids
understanding of the categories
i have also given a few suggestions for each of the categories (title, characters, setting, problems, theme) so they have an idea of what each section requires.  i am hoping this planning before the actual story writing will make their writing flow more.  once they have the hang of it i may put my own post it notes up in certain categories (eg: your theme for today is winter wonderland)  to help them explore areas of writing they perhaps otherwise wouldn't!

outcome: well i love the poster, it brightens up the classroom, and while i won't be using it for a couple of weeks i am really encouraged by my plan behind it and the fact i can help guide them through the story writing process with a lot more structure now. 

it is wonderful websites like growing kinders that provide home schooling mums, like me, with such wonderful inspiration that makes their job easier, more empowered, and so happy to have the opportunity to teach their children well :)

photo fun challenge day 21: close up
pollyanna and her kitten snuggled up sleeping .. it was a
busy day :)

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