Saturday, August 13, 2011

day sixty five: glittered pegs

the glittered pegs :)
day sixty five and i hope everyone is enjoying their saturday ... we spent the morning exploring little india which was heaps of fun.  my sister lives in an apartment and the walls are concrete so a little hard to hang lots of hooks in to display the kids bits and pieces.  so for today's creation we are making glittered pegs so we can create a clothes line to hang their goodies off.  inspiration for today's project comes from little birdie secrets and is pinned to my general crafts board.  there are wonderful crafty projects on this blog, you could spend a day there just gazing!

the glittering process
these pegs were destined for little isla's room and she loves bling so we used microfine glitter, a necklace, and some plain wooden pegs.  we left some pegsb just glittered and added beads to the top of others at isla's request :)

i LOVE doing projects with my niece :)
isla was a huge help for me in completing this project ;)

pegs in action!

outcome:  great solution to all the bits of paper and art scattered about isla's room and it looks really cute in her room ... and the best part is she LOVES the pegs so much she was bouncy up and down on her bed about them!  now that's a great outcome :)

big thanks to little birdie secrets for inspiring us with a wonderful idea for putting the kids valuables on the wall :)


Kirsty said...

too sweet. think they would be a hit here too.

Stephanie said...

That is the sweetest thing. :) I am going to make own for my girls' room.