Sunday, September 25, 2011

day 108: button bobby pins

these were a little addictive because they
were so much fun and really easy to make!
i ran out of bobby pins before buttons ;)
day 108 and its time for some embellished bobby pins!  i was totally inspired by the bobby pins christina from a homemakers journal made herself with a collection of vintage buttons.  as i am currently considering growing my fringe out i thought these might come in handy! that and there is an upcoming holiday which i thought polly and i could have some homemade bling in our hair for ... really who doesn't want some halloween bobby pins!  this great idea is pinned to my general crafts board on pinterest :)

i did sew the buttons that had visible holes with thread before hot gluing them to the bobby pins.  for the pins with loops on the back i used a stanley knife to take the loop off, leaving a flat surface to adhere to the end of the bobby pin.

my gran's button stash ... it was a treasure trove of cool
buttons i wanted to adhere to clips!

a couple of reasons i took this photo: it shows the back loop
of the button i took off with the stanley knife and also
if you are making "sets" of clips make sure you set them
out facing in different directions then you won't need
to put a cat upside down in you daughters hair if she
wears one each side!

the pile of finished clips!

outcome:  i love vintage things so the ones with the vintage buttons on are my favourites and they will definitely come in handy for sweeping my growing fringe out of my eyes during summer!  as for the holiday ones, i think this a really great, cheap, easy option for having a little holiday bling for the girls in your life!

my sincere thanks to christina from a homemakers journal for posting about making her bobby pins when inspired by some she saw at a local market ... i love when great ideas become real :)


Jen W. said...

Cute idea! And that is one impressive stash of buttons!

Christina said...

Hey! Seeing your interpretation of my idea makes me grin! I love the idea of holiday pins; I might have to make some now too!

Anonymous said...

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