Sunday, September 4, 2011

day eighty seven: bbq cupcakes for fathers day :)

our bbq cupcakes for a special dad :)
to my dad, my husband, my father-in-law, and all the wonderful fathers who give so much time, energy, support, and love to their children thank you from the bottom of my heart ... i hope your day is full of wonderful memories and that you realise just how special you are to me, our children, your son, and your families ...we love you unconditionally :)  have a very happy fathers day

day eighty seven and its definitely a day worthy of some celebratory cupcakes fit for the dad's in your life ... i think these bbq ones on the disney family fun website should do the trick and they are pinned to my holiday goodness board.

chocolate brownie cupcakes ... mmmmm!
i made up a mix of my brownie recipe and baked up a batch of cupcakes that looked fantastic and smelt delicious!  then the nerves took over as the kids and i hand to start decorating the tops of them to look like bbq's!
kebab maker number one
kebab maker number two
today i discovered piping straight lines of icing is a lot like sewing straight lines ... it takes A LOT of practice!

the finished product!
bbq for dessert any one?
outcome: we used a mix of gummi bears, jersey caramel chews, icing tubes, sugar, food colouring, and toothpicks to help our creations.  it was hilarious trying to make bbq food out of lollies ... there were some disasters and some wonderful successes! the overall effect was cool though and my sweet husband LOVED them ... they were a great dessert after we had finished the real bbq for dinner :)

i have loved what i have made and printed from the disney family fun website, they have such wonderful ideas, the instructions are always brilliant, and i honestly think they have something for every occasion imaginable!

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Jen W. said...

What a fun idea! I'll definitely be making these for the next bbq we attend! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!