Tuesday, September 13, 2011

day ninety six: chore clipboards for the peeps

the chore clipboards ready for tomorrow :)
day ninety six and we need some organisation for the kids re: pocket money and jobs to be done.

 i am incredibly lucky because i home school i don't have to deal with the chaos involved in rushing out the door first thing in the morning but the kids still have jobs to do (make bed, tidy room, clean teeth etc) and these jobs get done every morning because of the dangling carrot at the end of them!  in our house that carrot is computer time and the kids get computer time before our schooling starts but only if their jobs are completed ... this has revolutionised my mornings from grumpy mother to calm, happy mother :)

however it's the "pocket money" jobs that have gone out the window recently.  i want the kids to have the ability to earn money so they understand the synergy between working and having money :)   i used to have a job sheet on the notice board and the peeps had to chose at least two jobs a week but could do more if they wanted to earn more money.  since the big goal of having money to spend overseas has gone, i need to resurrect a new way of earning money because the peeps currently aren't interested!  i thought i could incorporate what stacy julian from playful.productive.present has done with her kids and their morning clipboards but with the ability to have some choice.

materials for the clipboard
the first part of today's creation was making the clipboards ... i wanted small clipboards as i didn't want the size of a big A4 clipboard to visually overawe them.  i used some 5 x 7" mdf boards, paint (for the edges), some scrap paper, letter stickers, and bulldog clips to create the clipboards.  the clip down the side of each board is for the money earned ... hopefully ;)

clipboards ready, now for the list
i then set to work on the computer making a list of the things i wanted them to do each day and then added a couple of blank lines along the bottom for things that needed to be done that day but weren't necessary every day (eg: putting their washed clothes away).  i also liked how stacy's idea was that they tick them off and then she returned later to assess and add the money to the clipboards. this is definitely what i intend to do - leave the peeps to make their own choices for what they do and then attach the rewards at the end of the day hoping for a positive outcome!

list done, now all i need is some eager peeps :)
the finished product, clipboard and list
combine to form dangling carrot!
outcome: pending ... for me i am hoping the daily presence of money attached to these jobs will help motivate them to do them ... especially my little boy peep who often has to be told 5 times to put his laundered clothes away :} i really hope the dangling carrot works for these jobs as well as it works for their morning routine ;)  in the meantime the clipboards look pretty sitting on the kitchen bench and i feel very positive about this new pocket money system working ... hopefully my wants will match their wants and all will work happily ... wish us well!

my thanks to stacy julian at playful.productive.present.  this is one of those ideas where you wish you had seen it sooner because the possibilities of making it work to fit your home and peeps are huge ... seen it now, and i have big hopes it will work really well :)

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Jen W. said...

Cute idea and I love the bright coloured clip boards. Curious to hear how is goes... :)