Tuesday, October 11, 2011

day 124: halloween treat bags

the finished treat bag for halloween
day 121 and its a REALLY busy creating day today.  i have a stack of kids coming to our halloween party and they are all going to need a treat bag for their goodies! given the number i need to make i wanted a simple, quick bag that i could personalise for each child.

found the simple, quick bag on pinterest from the purl bee ... love this website it has the best tutorials and they come with brilliant pictures that demonstrate every step as well :)  the bag is also pinned to my party ideas board.  i couldn't find any cute unisex halloween material so i have opted for calico and some home-made decorating!

so my bags look as good inside as outside, i am using french seams ... honestly where was my life without these beautiful seams!  and to make things even easier i am using one piece of fabric as i don't need to worry about the pattern orientation.  for the decorations i used my other favourite thing, fabric printing, and printed out a whole lot of free halloween printables i found on my biggest favourite ... pinterest!  all the free printables i used come from the twinery, southern accent, over the big moon, and catch my party.  how nice is it that so many people offer up their incredible talents for free, totally awesome i'd say and i am incredibly grateful :)

i also stamped each persons name onto some calico so each person would know their treat bag.  the names and fabric printables will be attached using heat'n'bond ... yip another favourite of mine!  i thought about sewing all these bits on but with so many to make the heat'n'bond was too enticing!

cut, stamped, printed, and ready to sew!

the finished bag without embellishments

the fully decked out bag!

outcome:  awesome, love my little creations, love that they are personalised for each little peep, and love that the bags themselves took no time to make but look so very cool!  the tutorial from purl bee was (as usual) brilliant, clear, and so easy to follow ... and the best part was these little beauties didn't even take the 20 minutes suggested once i got into the swing of things!  love the fabric printables, they add a really nice touch of colour on what would otherwise be a fairly plain treat bag :)

my sincerest thanks as always to the purl bee, its fast becoming one of those websites i visit daily!  and for all the wonderful people who provide freely downloadable graphics THANK YOU from my heart to yours.


Jen W. said...

Love the Keep Calm and Carry Garlic! :)

Jenny said...

Brilliant treat bags...so much nicer that they're made from fabric...I love the 'keep calm' badge too :)
Jenny x

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