Monday, October 17, 2011

day 130: count the jelly beans if you dare!

count the jelly beans
day 130 and it's another quicky ;)  my brother-in-law arrived for a surprise visit today and the day got away on me!  today's creative idea comes from bhg and their halloween game ideas.  i pinned their halloween party games to my holiday goodness board.  bhg have kids counting candy corn which we don't have in nz so i went with black jelly beans :)

i counted out two packets of black jelly beans filled an empty jam jar.  i then dressed the jar with the same free party printables design i used for the banner on day 125.

fill a jar of jelly beans :)

add some decoration and wait for the
guessing to begin :)

outcome: this is one of those cool passive games that can go on during the party and have a winner at the end.  i am really excited for this party idea as the kids can go and make a 'guess' when they are not involved in other games and its an extra special little something that doesn't need to be managed but EVERYONE can participate in!


Jen W. said...

No candy corn in NZ???

Morag said...

What an inconsiderate brother in-law! I am guessing 117 beans.

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

hey jen ... NO candy corn in this country :( never even seen the stuff until i saw the copious amounts on pinterest :)

it was lovely to see him and so nice he came to stay, steven is lovely, can't wait to see YOU on friday mo :) i'll put you down on the list of guesses!