Friday, October 21, 2011

day 134: punked out vase for halloween

definitely starting to look like halloween around here :)
day 134 and i am loving the bats that are flying around my bedroom and on my clock i did a couple of days ago and it got me to thinking ... yes beware, when i say to my husband "honey, i've been thinking" he usually runs a mile with good reason!  the idea from sadie olive to punk out an everyday something for halloween was so totally awesome, i began thinking about what else i could halloweenise ... yip, add this word to your dictionary, if you are american feel free to replace the s with a z ;)

i settled upon the vase that sits on one of our tables ... its white and tall and began wondering "what would sadie olive do with this vase".  well, as you know, i have no idea what she would do but her inspiration lead me into making it a ghost!

i used a small piece of sticky back fabric to the bottom of it and tried that neat trick with the hair dryer to see if it would come of ... sure enough the heat of the hair dryer made the felt peel off without blemishing it so i decided to deck the vase out with sticky back felt for halloween :)

the beginning

the middle

the end :) happy days

outcome: GOOD TIMES WERE HAD BY ALL! yes indeedy, this was exciting because i would never have tried something like this before finding pinterest and all the wonderful inspiration that goes with that site.  i am 134 days into this making and creating and i have changed ... i am more confident to try home decor and not worry about the perfect result and for me and my personality that is AWESOME :)

enjoy your weekends everyone ... mine will involve a little bit of pinterest, a big scoop of rugby, and an abundance of family ... ahhhh sounds like bliss!  and to sadie olive i say thank you ... thank you for giving me the confidence to have a go at my own decorating and not just standing back and being in awe of everyone else's abilities.


Jen W. said...

This vase rocks and I especially like how you wrapped the Boo around the side.

Jenny said...

Now that vase really catches your eye. What a wicked idea :)
Jenny x