Wednesday, January 4, 2012

day 209: coffee milkshakes

coffee milkshake, why doesn't everyone know about these

day 209 and we have only a few more days before the draw for the my memories software give away ... so keep on commenting!  as many as you like, this is a great chance to get some awesome software for nada ... now lets get on with today's creation!

i wanted to make something special for my sweet husband, just for him to have and enjoy at the tennis ... there is no chance he will get the chocolate and zucchini cake all to himself ;)  last night while i should have been sleeping i was looking on pinterest for inspiration and came across these divine looking coffee milkshakes ... PERFECT, steve loves coffee and adores ice cream, bring the two together and he should be one happy man!  so i pinned the inspiration from the foodie with family website to my recipes for the boys board.

you need two key ingredients (cold coffee, vanilla ice cream) and two ingredients for shear indulgence (chocolate sauce and cream).  i used the two key ingredients and whizzed them together before putting the milkshake into a thermos to take to the tennis.  i opted for chocolate dusting to top the milkshake with as the indulgence part wasn't going to work for a day out!  before it went into the thermos we had a glass of it to share so i could let you know what it was like ...

the key ingredients

mix together with a whiz

the end result
outcome: ... so hard to stop at one and it was a real shame to put the rest into the thermos for steve ;)  i could have happily sat there and drank the lot before we left!  if you remember these awesome iced coffee's i made in singapore but found them too sweet this is the real deal for you.  i think i would be happier drinking these for the shear refreshing, amazing flavour, and i used light ice cream ... as steve said " you can't go wrong with with ice cream and coffee together ".

my biggest thanks to foodie with family for this awesome recipe and for making my husband so happy at the tennis ... treating the guy taking you to the tennis should make for a very happy day ;)


Janine said...

this one is on the agenda for today here!

Debbie said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, but I like coffee ice cream. This looks like heaven. Or trouble. Or both.