Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day 208: chocolate and zucchini cake

firstly, dont forget the great new years giveaway I have going at the moment.  all you have to do for a chance to win this amazing digital scrapbooking software is leave a comment on my blog this week.........now, on with day 208......

i get to use one of my christmas presents tomorrow, we are off to the tennis! the only professional tennis tournaments to come to new zealand happen this week for the women and the next week for the men.  i have ALWAYS wanted to go but have never been able to so it was a very big surprise from my dear husband for christmas.
i decided such an outting deserved some baking........

the completed chocolate and zuc cake .... yummo :)
mum begged me to make something with zucchini's in it as we having them coming out our ears ... our garden is literally overflowing with them and i think even the chooky's are getting sick of them ;)  off to pinterest i went in search of zucchini recipe and FOUND this DELICIOUS looking cake recipe from a website called chocolate and zucchini!  this website could be getting a lot of attention from me in the coming weeks to use up the abundance of zuc's we have ... not sure how well this site and my goal to lose weight will get on, but we shall see!  the recipe for this cake is also pinned to my recipe must do's board.

start with some grated zucchini
i used olive oil instead of the butter as i wanted to avoid getting any heavy machinery out ... so it was the whisk, me, and two bowls for this undertaking.  apart from that i followed the recipe according to the directions given.

add dry ingredients

mix in some wet ingredients

pop in the oven and out comes this cake, it is really lovely and moist
outcome:  mmmmm, very nice you don 't even know there is zucchini is in it!  actually my husband had his first bite and then said "just to warn you i'm going to have a second piece but that piece i am going to have with ice cream ... and he did ... and i had to have a taste ... AND it totally worked, so very very good with vanilla ice cream :)

the second piece with ice cream
my thanks to chocolate and zucchini for this cool recipe for using up some of our zucchini's ... love the website, not entirely sure my scales will love it as much as i do though ;)


Anonymous said...

oh my! starting to salivate just looking at this cake. It looks so delicious....going to give it a try for sure!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

gosh that looks ace, first of our zuchinni will be picked this week.

Mal said...

oooh yum! This looks awesome

Jen W. said...

Brilliant way to eat your veggies!