Monday, January 16, 2012

day 220: peanut butter m&m cookies and a wrap of pinterest creations on the raod in taupo

the family bach, is always such a relaxing place for a getaway !
day 220 was yesterday while we were in taupo, which is halfway between wellington and auckland on the north island of new zealand (here is a map if you want to see where in the world i have been this past weekend!)  .... so what did we get up to?  

this adorable girl and her very sweet poppy did some of this

we three did some time in here ... teaching my littlest sister how to make  this cake so she can wow her new flatmates
we did a fair amount of eating

we didn't do any of this as the weather continues to be terrible

we did a fair proportion of this because the weather was foul ...  
he did a lot of this when the weather allowed for it

we mostly did this

some of us tried to do this, some better than others

these two did a lot of this which meant we were really well fed

and finally i did some of this to keep p365 going :)

yesterdays creation was another recipe ... peanut butter m&m cookies ... they were REALLY good, not too peanut buttery but the combination between the sweet and salty tastes was an absolute winner :)  the recipe was made according to the instructions from the curvy carrot (such a cute name for a website) and it is also pinned to my recipe must do's board.  the adorable family i spent the weekend with kept eating the m&m's so the only change i made was to top up the m&m count with some chocolate drops leftover from the banana s'mores.

speaking of which, the s'mores i made for pinterest on saturday were a big hit for dessert.  we were all agreed they won't have been half as successful without the crunchy cereal on top, so when you make them don't do it without adding the crunch factor!  the recipe is on my summer loving board and is from quick dish by tablespoon .. another cool name for a website :)  we had our banana s'mores with ice cream as well, YUMMO.  the recipe was SO easy and while the men (my sweet dad and husband) did overcook them on the bbq slightly (the marshmallows disappeared totally from sight, but their lovely sweetness stuck around thankfully!) they were mighty fine and definitely something i would happily make again.  they would be perfect for school camps and such things as the peeps could easily make them for an easy sweet treat.

what you need for banana s'mores

filled and ready to be wrapped

i chose to make these while drinking brancott estate rose, that's optional but totally adds to the experience ;)

this lovely man was in charge ....

with this lovely man of the s'mores grilling

the end result ... the crunchy cereal totally makes these divine :)

ok, back later today with day 221's creation :)  but in the meantime my gratitude goes to the curvy carrot and quick dish for fantastic recipes that fed the crew with such delicious food while we were relaxing in taupo ... made taking p365 on the road a joy!


Kara said...

Oh geez! I've never been a huge fan of bananas but these just look divine! I'll have to save the link for later!

Jenny said...

Looks like a great trip Kirsty and those bananas do look as yummy as they sound :)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

I'd have come back from that trip about 10lbs heavier! Everything looks soooooo yummy! Glad you guys had a good time but I'm more glad you're back! :)