Thursday, February 9, 2012

day 245: i "wheelie" like you

the finished boy friendly valentine's gift :)
day 245 and it is ben's turn to make some valentines for his friends.  it had to be the quickest creation today because i needed the buy in from my sweet but very boy like ten year old to come craft with me after dinner ... you're getting the picture now aren't you!

we went with cars for the boy peep as that was the least girly thing i could find on pinterest that a ten year old could give his mates.  this idea comes from mique at thirty handmade days and is pinned to my st valentines love board.  we went with hot wheels cars as we found we could get all his girl mates and boy mates their favourite colours ... thank goodness, hot wheels had the foresight to bring out pink cars for our creation today!

i made up some quick labels and ben decided as the cars where already pre-packaged we didn't need to put them in the cellophane bags i had thought we would, so we just staple the tags to the cars instead ... good compromise!

yes, i am using 'my memories suite' again!
i matted the tags in yellow (ben's favourite colour) to give them a bit of substance :)

thank goodness hot wheels do cars in girl colours too!

ben writing everyone's name on the tags ..

then carefully stapling them on to each person's favourite colour car!

outcome:  again, quick and easy ... just the sort of craft thing to do with tween boys!  hopefully his mates/matesses will like the token gift for valentine's day.  i think they are really sweet and totally perfect for boys.

my thanks to mique at thirty handmade days for coming up with something for valentines that tween boy's won't mind giving their friends ... it made my day to craft with my boy peep, so this was a really rewarding pinterest creation day for me :)


Jen W. said...

Diggin' that hot pink car! And I love how serious Ben looks! :)

Jenny said...

A brilliant gift for a lad to give his friends :0)
Jenny x