Wednesday, February 29, 2012

day LEAP DAY! lets make cookies!

the spreadable, very edible cookies!

day LEAP DAY ... yes in my pinterest 365 this day is a bonus creation day!  didn't think to look ahead last year when i started and see how many days were in february, but as it turns out it's a bonus and i decided this sort of day deserved cookies :)  who am i kidding, the cupboards where borderline bare and the peeps and my husband are looking for goodies to snack on as the weather cools down for autumn.

this recipe is courtesy of mel's kitchen cafe.  after pinning this to my recipe must do's board, i went to check out the her website, this site is full of the most mouth watering yummy things, the pictures alone had me drooling!

the recipe does require the heavy machinery to be lifted out, but apart from that it's a straight forward recipe of just adding in the ingredients as the mixer goes around ... there is something mildly soothing about watching the mixer go around ... ... ... ... ... ... i must get more of a life, honestly ;)

the mix

outcome: these cookies SPREAD, and i mean SPREAD like wildfire .... off the tray and onto the next tray and onto the bottom of my oven (anyone want to come and clean it??).  so the next tray's i put in i gave the cookies more room and put less on the tray, that just gave my cookies the all clear to spread EVEN FURTHER!  ben was one happy chappy ... why?  ... as he was watching the oven while i was preoccupied he asked if he could have the biggest cookie, i said sure absent mindedly as often happens when it gets to the end of a busy day and i am over making sensible decisions.  HE was looking at this ....

the happy boy
i told him if he thought he could get dad to agree to go without a cookie, it was his ... he had no chance ... thank goodness!  he was proud enough to get one over me not to worry about my reneging!   there is no doubt, after the two i had this evening, these cookies are mighty tasty .. unfortunately for my waistline, but i will worry about that tomorrow!  if you can figure a way of not getting these to spread so far, these cookies taste so very, very good.  and if you don't mind the spread and a thinner cookie these are definitely a must make :)

my thanks to mel's kitchen cafe, i loved the taste of the cookies, if not the fact i now need to clean my oven!  luckily it's the taste i care about and i will definitely make them again, just to check i didn't go wrong with the recipe, which is always a definitely possibility!


Abby said...

I had this problem while following one of my mum's recipes she emailed me. After 2 failed attempts (that still tasted good) I added an extra 1/2 cup of flour and they worked out perfectly.

Jenny said...

What a hilarious post Kirsty.... I so hate when cookies do this and the recipe shows lovely round chunky cookies! Never had them try and take over the oven though!! Ha ha :0) still, worth it if they taste yummy :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Must get you a cookie sheet with higher sides!

Ben is a guy after my own heart! I totally would have tried to pull the same stunt. Actually, I would probably still try!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thank's abby, you may have just saved me for constant oven cleaning ... i will give it a try!

cookie sheets with sides, that's revolutionary, i may need to get some to go with my other REAL crafty tool, my rotary cutter jen ;)