Saturday, March 17, 2012

day 281: pistachio fudge for st patty's day

day 281 and my sweet husband has set me up in bed with a computer i can use lying flat on my back ... SO tomorrow i am going to spend all day catching up with what all my lovely web friends have been up to! but for today, i am in charge of the typing for today's creation while the peeps and steve do the making ... haven't yet figured out how to do baking from my current position!!  anyway, enough of me and on with today's pistachio fudge creation which comes from the recipe goldmine and is pinned to my st patrick's luck board on pinterest.

the original recipe is courtesy of mccormick and i am sure would be perfect for lots of festive occasions given it is green in colour :)  it also contains plenty of festive ingredients like chocolate, nuts, and sugar!  so for st patrick's day it goes without saying, it will be perfect for supper with the rugby tonight.

i talked the kitchen team through the melting of chocolate and the importance of not over melting, from which there would be no return!  it's important to get this point across to those in my family who have plenty of will but limited knowledge of our kitchen and how things work ;)  we then had a brief discussion about the fact there was no green food colouring, but combining two of the colours we did have would probably work just as well ;)
melted white chocolate into the cream cheese and sugar mix
pistachio nuts and colouring
in the fridge to set....its eggstremely cold in there!

outcome:  i'm guessing i will make this plenty of times over the coming years as it is easy to make, yummy, and would make the perfect gift for family and friends for all sorts of different festive occasions.  imagine making a batch of this for gifting to friends at christmas, awesome aye!?!

my thanks to mccormick for the recipe and also the recipe goldmine where it was featured.  great idea for finding recipes that work from all types of different sources and makers.

i hope you can tell how excited i am to have a computer sitting in front of me for the first time in ages without wincing!  thank you, once again, for all your continued support for my family and i on our challenge to create 365 (+ one leap day!) pinterest creations over a year ... it has meant so much to us :)


Nadine said...

Good to have you with us again! Pleased the eggs are still appearing, too. ;)

Jenny said...

Now that conjures up quite a picture..... Would love to see how Steve has rigged a computer up for you!!!
The fudge looks yummy, the colour makes me think of mint though!!
Good to have you back, it would drive me insane to be so inactive and I don't do a great deal so it must be driving you crazy :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

I'm with Jenny - I'm totally curious about this computer set upend thrilled to have you back (no pun intended!). :)