Saturday, March 24, 2012

day 287: not your normal omelette

the not your ordinary, extremely tasty omelette :)
day 287 and it's nice having everyone here for the weekend, i feel less useless doing nothing!  my sweet mum is enjoying her new roll as part of the pinterest 365 team and asked to do another creation today in the kitchen, this was a request i was never going to turn down :)  we still have a lot of eggs (our chookies must be very happy at the moment) so mum thought we should find an omelette recipe on pinterest we could trial for an easy dinner.

i pinned a whole assortment of omelette recipes to my recipe must do's board for her to choose from.  she went with this recipe from pinch my salt.  it looked like a nice easy recipe and we were also enticed by the fresh herbs and use of sour cream, something i haven't put in an omelette before.

what was needed for this recipe, it's optional to have lego salt and pepper,  but they do make your quality of life better !

almost ready to be flipped :)

outcome:  these are really good.  the sour cream does something to the eggs that makes them beautifully rich and creamy.  this is probably the best omelette i have ever had as the combination of richness together with the fresh herbs was an absolute winner.  this is definitely a go to recipe when you want something quick and simple to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner ... love a recipe that's so versatile!

thanks goes to pinch my salt for this very simple recipe for a very simple dinner made awesome by the inclusion of a very simple ingredient ... cool aye :)  my thanks also goes to the latest member of the pinterest 365, my sweet ma, dianne ... we love you and thank you so much for helping me continue to create each day!


Jenny said...

Sounds like tasty ingredients so I'm sure this was yummy and good to keep making use of those happy hens :0)
Can't leave without mentioning those Lego head salt and pepper pots.....they are just awesome, need to find them :0)

I've enjoyed a lovely catch up whilst sitting in bed on a Saturday morning...... A rare but welcome occurrence :0)
Jenny x

Abby said...

She obviously made these before your husband could get to the eggs hahaha

Jen W. said...

That looks super yummy! Can't wait to try the sour cream idea. And I'm with Jenny - those salt and pepper shakers rock!
Gotta admit that I'm kind of missing the eggs...