Saturday, March 31, 2012

day 293: chalk board canvas

the finished chalkboard canvas hung in the kitchen :)
day 293 and the printer is still not talking to me as i would like, so there are no surprises when i tell you today's creation will not involve printing anything ;)  it does involve art though, changable art.  some of you may remember my complete LOVE of chalkboard paint when we painted a chalkboard on the classroom wall on day  214, my obsession with this ingenious stuff continues today as i create some changable wall art, in the form of a painted chalkboard canvas.

i saw this idea from chic and cheap nursery on pinterest and i thought this is one of those things everybody should have!  i plan to put it on the wall and change what it has on it according whether it is a holiday season, someones birthday, a welcome for family and friends coming to stay, all sorts of occasions.  i love crafts that are so usable and, of course the first use of this wall art will be for easter.


what you need

don't forget to paint the sides for completeness 
thanks steve :)
i was not having the best day yesterday, so steve and his "friends" went out to the shed to paint the canvas while ben and i watched the rugby before i fell asleep.  and then i sleep and sleep and sleep ... and nobody dared to wake me : D  then i woke up and the creation i had set out to complete was done~!  so i had no choice but to put my pj's on and i went to bed for the night and slept some more!

outcome:  i've popped this up in the kitchen because the kitchen doesn't yet have any chalkboard paint in it (shame on me!).  i totally love this and it was so easy for steve to complete for me (lol) while i slept!  honestly i was all ready to paint and had everything out, thought i would have a rest before i did the actual craft and the rest is history!  good old steve, standing in again for me today, just as well i warned him 293 days ago i wouldn't be able to do it without my families support ;)

thankfully my observation husband was around to make sure day 293's creating was finished so i have to thank him for that, otherwise i would have been up REALLY late!  thanks also goes to chic and cheap nursery for this awesome inspiration that has given me some cheap, cheerful, and always relevant wall art!


Hannah said...

Great Kirsty, I love it. I'm sharing the love of Chalkboard paint, such a great thing :)

Jenny said...

Love how the texture shows through in the chalk letters...great for the kitchen, the chore rota can go on it!!! Perhaps my crafty daughter (who's been to visit you I see)will make one for her room at Uni!!
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Good for a shopping list too! Clearly you needed Tht sleep so I'm glad everyone let you have it. :)