Saturday, May 12, 2012

day 336: gift bags

party bags ready to go ... and be filled!
day 336 and one of my favourite seven year olds is turning eight very soon and her mum was finding it hard to source the right gift bags for her birthday party.  i told her very sweet mum i could help out thanks to my friend pinterest!  yes, of course, i found a solution to make your own on pinterest so i volunteered for the job :)

the instructions are available from many different blogs but the ones i liked the most (because they were the easiest) were on lines across by rachel.  it was a super clear tutorial and was matched with perfect photos so you knew exactly what you were supposed to be doing :)  the instructions link is also pinned to my gift wrapping and gift ideas board on pinterest.

tracy gave me the girls favourite colours in gift wrap to make the bags with and i used some ribbon as the handles.  i did double the gift wrap so they were beautifully coloured inside and out and use a combination of double sided tape and glue to hold all the folds together.  i punched the handle holes with a hole punch and then double knotted the ribbon on the inside.

the materials

chose a box that is about the same size as the gift bag you want to create, then wrap the box around its middle and secure

then wrap the bottom of the box as if you were for a present

take the box out and whala ... a gift bag is taking shape :)

add handles and any decorations you want ... the girls are going to decorate the bags themselves at the party so these are being left plain :)

outcome:  the thing i loved about these little gift bags was, if you could wrap a present half decently you could definitely make these bags!!  i love the thought of making heaps of these little beauties in the future for gifts out of scrapbook paper so you can match the bag to the person you are gifting too! well i think they turned out pretty cool for my first attempt, hopefully tracy and miss hayley will think so too :)

my thanks go to rachel at lines across for the awesome instructions she provides for gift bags.  it made me look at all the other cool ideas on her boards and i will definitely be back to try more of her tutorials :)


Jen W. said...

Can't believe how simple this idea is yet they look so awesome!

Jenny said...

What a simple idea!!! Hubby cannot wrap a present to save his life though... Can any husband?????
Jenny x

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, wouldn't it be cute to make tiny ones? How fun!!!