Sunday, May 13, 2012

day 337: kale chips/crisps

kale chips/crisps
day 337 and while i was in the grocers the other day i picked up a bag of kale. i have to admit, it was the first time i had seen kale in the market and i was intrigued by it.  mostly intrigued because of the amount of "healthy" recipes i see floating around pinterest that have kale as an ingredient.

i love chips, so of course the first recipe i wanted to try with kale was the chips or crisps version of it. the recipe i found was from giada, one of the food network stars in the states.  i have tried a few of her recipes over the years and always loved them so figured this was the right kale chips recipe to use for me!  the recipe link can also be found on my pinterest recipe must do's board.

the recipe is really easy, you simply cut out the hard core/stem from the middle of the kale leaf and dice into 2-3" pieces, toss in olive oil, and spread onto an oven tray.  they bake in a moderate oven for 10-15 minutes.  once they come out, sprinkle with pepper and salt.

take out the hard middle stem and chop roughly

toss in olive oil and spread on an oven try ... they looked good going in

the finished chips, they don't look that appetising do they!

outcome: completely divided in this house.  the girls did not like them, the boys could not get enough of them.  steve loved how they just melted in your mouth and ben thought the crunch was just like a chip and thought the browner ones tasted the best.  i thought they were too bitter and pollyanna thought they were better rehydrated in the soup we had for dinner.  as such, no verdict on kale chips ... how can you possibly have one with so many different opinions!  you will just have to try them yourselves and see where your family sits on the matter :)

may thanks to the food network and their (literally) gorgeous star giada for her lovely recipe.  i will definitely continue to use her recipes as they are (mostly!) delicious and full of wonderful fresh produce :)


Jen W. said...

Hmmmm... Will have to give this a try and weigh in on the debate!

Kimberly said...

I'm pretty sure I would love these. I love salty and bitter. I need to make these. Thanks for the review!

Jenny said...

Never tried them but I'd probably be with the girls on this one!!! Think I prefer my chips from root veg :0)
Jenny x

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I quite like them, nice cooked with balsamic vinegar I the mix, kale is so easy to grow, there's always too much in the garden, I actually went halves in a pun net this year so as not to have the glut.