Thursday, August 9, 2012

cheesecake, london olympics style :)

quick post with a couple of photos from our olympics activities through the first week :)  steve had to make a british cheesecake as one of his contributions to our family olympic activities.  he did a great job so i wanted to share.  inspiration for this was found on pinterest from woman and home who made a very british cheesecake in honour of the queen's jubilee.  steve did a fantastic job given it's winter here so no fresh berries around, he used frozen ones instead.  they did the trick though, maybe not as full of colour but definitely worked to make the union jack :)

the finished cheesecake, complete with hobnob biscuits from the uk :)

this was the perfect dessert to watch the new zealand black sticks with!  the live games coverage starts ~8pm at night for us, so it is making for some tired peeps but they have coped well ... maybe because of the delicious food we have been eating from our second countries!


The Cupcake Architect said...

That's an amazing effort, love it!

Mal said...

This is lovely! It looks super yummy too :-)

Mal @ The Chic Geek