Thursday, December 15, 2011

day 189: candy cane reindeer

a very cute candy cane reindeer :)
day 189 and we are off to do a big grocery shop today for christmas ... so today's creation had to be quick!  i saw these reindeer made out of candy canes and thought the kids and i would really enjoy making them.  we have had such a great time this festive season making all sorts of crafty things together and it has actually been my favourite part of december so far.  the candy cane reindeer are pinned to my 2011 advent crafts board.

for this pinterest creation from jean's crafty corner you need candy canes, googly eyes, brown embroidery floss, and some coloured pompoms.  i am going to use a hot glue gun for the assembling of these cute little reindeer.

what you need

hot glue canes together and then wrap with
embroidery floss to make the face

add eyes, a nose, and some christmas cheer and you are
good to go :)

outcome:  fast, fun, totally kid friendly craft ... perfect for the peeps to give out at their polar express sleepover this weekend as party favours!  seriously though, what's not to love, i am constantly amazed at peoples crafty ability to make the cutest things out of everyday items.  these little beauties would also be perfect for gift toppers on peeps presents instead of a bow :)

my gratitude to jean at jean's crafty corner for blogging about her candy cane reindeer so the rest of us can admire her talents and then recreate it with our peeps ... they are so cute and perfect for christmas favours :)

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Jen W. said...

These really are adorable! Amazing how simple they are. :)