Monday, August 31, 2015

Tomorrow I Start Whole 30 ... and give you an inside into my plans!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring ... YAY!  Sorry Winter, it was lovely while you were here but I am now officially over you and looking forward to Spring and Summer.  Summer is just around the corner here in New Zealand and I have some definite creating and making goals to achieve by Christmas ... more on those tomorrow.  However, I will let you into one, I am undertaking Whole 30 for the month of September.  About two years ago, I did what I thought was Whole 30 but it turned out I had missed one of the fundamental rules and completely messed it up!!  Oh well, it's time to give it another go and see if we can improve on the previous outcomes in order to stop my current addiction to Ready Salted Doritos and Sweet and Salty Popcorn .... oh, and we could also throw in Whittakers Dark Chocolate.  Ah yeah, not the best energy, body loving foods to be feasting on so I am hoping the Whole 30 will tick the box in terms of resetting my body to love whole foods and find some much needed nutritional balance!!

This is only the start of the story, lots of changes are taking place in my world and I look forward to finding some pinteresting solutions to make the most of them all.  I will also show you the completely renovated St Hilda's Orphanage, which is all but finished and only needs some pinterest styled touch ups.  You will get to see Ben and Polly's finished Bedrooms, the Guest Bedroom, our Master Bedroom, and all the things in-between!

See you tomorrow, and let's hope Spring is the perfect time for taking up lots of challenges and not just for spring cleaning the house :o)


Sara said...

Good luck, I did one a few months ago and it was worth it! My biggest tips would be to always carry some compliant snack with you (I had nakd bars but I'm not sure they have those in NZ) and to have some dates around in case you get sugar withdrawal headaches! x

Unknown said...

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