Sunday, December 11, 2011

day 185: diet coke fudge brownies!

two ingredient cake :)
day 185 and .... ben's surprise birthday is today!  his actual birthday is tomorrow but we are throwing him a surprise birthday party today :)  it was so exciting and if you are interested there are some photo's at the end of this post.  on with today's creation, it had to be simple, i had other things on my mind, and the diet coke fudge brownies totally fitted into that category and this is a pin i have been wanting to try for ages. the recipe is available on so many blogs but the one i pinned is from aunt peg's recipe box.

it really doesn't get much easier than this for baking ... pour the brownie mix into a bowl and add in a full can of diet coke (i used coke zero), stir, and put in the oven for ~35 minutes.  REALLY, no excuse not to bake this at all and apparently it is awesome :)

this is what happens when you add the coke to the mix!

ready to go in ... it is a really runny mixture :)

the final brownie ... yummO!

outcome:  for a brownie that is full of sugar and fat this would be fantastic, for a brownie that hardly has any fat and sugars in it ... its OUTSTANDING, especially in a house with a diabetic!  this recipe will come in handy and be used over and over again!

thank you to aunt peg's recipe box, she provides wonderful, really precise instructions so you know you aren't going wrong with the really liquid mix ...  and the recipe was incredibly delish!

a couple of photos from ben's surprise party!

we GOT you benny boy!

add face painting ...

plenty of friends ....

a very happy boy ... 

and you have a very very happy birthday party :)


Morag said...

i love the look on his face. gutted i missed it, pleased he had such a good time. x

Jen W. said...

Big happy birthday wishes to Ben and lots of licks from Atti and Jem!