Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tomorrow we start a tour of St Hilda's

There's also some event planning well underway ... more on this in the coming week!
Two and a half years ago we moved from Auckland City to ... well ... the middle of nowhere.  Otane is a tiny little village about 6 hours away from Auckland in the Hawkes Bay.  It is here we purchased the very rundown orphanage called St Hildas.  When we purchased the orphanage it was being used as an Art Gallery with a three bedroom house at the back.  We reinstated all the old walls and it is now a five bedroom home that we love with plenty of space inside and out.  We camped inside for the first 4 months while we completely renovated the place and left our belongings in storage until all the major work was finished.  This week I will take you on a tour of the house as it is now, the places that still need some pinspiration, and give you an insight into my new life in the country!!  

I am desperate to get back into creating and it seems when I blog, I am at my most creative because I love sharing the journey.  Tomorrow we will start with a tour of Pollyanna's room and head down the hallway from there.  We will also be in the kitchen making a cake I found on Pinterest (that clearly I won't be eating thanks to Whole 30) to take to the staff at Elsthorpe School on Thursday for their morning tea.  So good to be back, I have missed this plenty!

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