Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Whole 30

It's always raining when I start a new adventure .... Hello Spring!
I am a sucker for any new diet that will help me become healthier and lose some weight!  Over the last several years I have been in a state of permanent weight loss.  I have about 6 kgs to go and I will have lost half of myself without medical intervention or any extreme measures!!  It has happened thanks to the omission of gluten and dairy from my diet.  I was feeling sick and lethargic after eating and with life in general and decided it was time to do something about it.  I did some research and ended up on an Australian website that listed 7 common food sensitivities people had.  It suggested people would intuitively know which ones were causing their problems and to take that one (or several) out of your diet for three weeks and then gradually reintroduce them back.  I felt so good after 3 weeks that I have never put dairy or gluten back into my diet!!  My body doesn't seem to like them at all and struggles to digest dairy and gluten containing items.  I also took up exercising more regularly.  I have always been fit regardless of size so this was an enjoyable addition that I have maintained over the last 3-4 years.  

These last 6 kgs are proving the hardest to remove and I know I need something to align my portion control and get rid of the sugar fix I currently have.  As a person that doesn't like sugar this should be easy to achieve .... but giving up Salted Doritos, well that's a whole other story!!  As I mentioned yesterday, I tried Whole 30 a couple of years ago to support a friend but missed the final, most important part of the story which is the "it's not just about the food you put in, don't use the food you are allowed to create sumptuous sweet things (pancakes, coffee creamer, bliss balls etc) as that goes against the ethos of Whole 30".  My pinterest board, Healthy Food Ideas has a few Whole 30 pins were you can get the full breakdown on the 'dos' and 'don'ts'!!

I did create sweet things like bliss balls, and banana pancakes last time as I didn't realise at the time Whole 30 is about eating whole foods and not looking for loop holes to fill the gaps of what you were doing before.  I think these things are meant to be enjoyed AFTER the 30 days and it's certainly what I will be looking forward to adding to the menu once September is over!!  Breakfasts will be hard for me, the thought of vegetables and savoury food that early in the morning is daunting!  While you are not supposed to snack, I have decided to have a piece of fruit first thing in the morning while the punks are getting ready for school, go on my morning walk/run then come home and make my actual breakfast.  This is probably boarding on not being in the spirit of not snacking but there is no way I can eat a savoury breakfast at 6am in the morning!!

For the remainder of this Whole 30 journey and lifestyle choices for health and well being, I will be using my It Started with a Pair of Sneakers blog to share progress, slip ups, and for keeping myself accountable.  I'll be blogging my meals and exercise daily, along with whats worked and what hasn't. I make plenty of mistakes so come join me, health and exercise is WAY more fun when you can share it with others :0) 

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